‘The Analyst’ Lovevery Play Kit Review (2024)

Last Updated: March 3, 2024

It’s no secret that parents want the best for their children, especially regarding educational toys and activities that will help foster their development.

But no matter what toy you purchase, you’ll wonder if it’s worth it?

The Lovevery Play Kit is a monthly subscription box tailored toward your child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. This is one of the most effective educational toys in the market.

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The Analyst Lovevery Play Kit Review

This post will review ‘The Analyst’ Lovevery Play Kit.

  • We will explore what’s included in the analyst subscription box,
  • The benefits of each item and how they support your child’s development
  • My 3-year-old most played with items in ‘The Analyst’ toy subscription vs. which items she played with the least.

By the end of this review, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether investing in ‘The Analyst’ Lovevery play kit is worth it for your child’s development.

What does The Analyst Play Kit include?

  1. Montessori Sensory Box
  2. Pattern Match Boats & Card Set
  3. Color Theory Puzzle
  4. ‘Quarter, Half, and Whole’ book
  5. Stackable Fraction Cups
  6. Visual Recipe Cards
  7. First Sewing Kit
  8. Play Guide for months 46, 47, 48.

1. Montessori Sensory Box

Lovevery Montessori Sensory Box

This Lovevery Montessori Sensory box is excellent for teaching your 3-year-old about their ‘touch’ and ‘sight’ senses and words that help them describe what they see and feel.

You can place one or two items inside the box and have your child guess which object is in the box using their hands.

Then, you can switch with your kid, and this time, you try guessing what’s inside the sensory box so you can demonstrate how you describe what you are feeling to your child.

2. Pattern Match Boats & Card Set

Lovevery Pattern Boats and Card sets

The pattern match boat and card set help your three-year-old pay close attention to detail. In this activity, your child will pick a card with many variations of the boat patterns, which your child will have to replicate with the boat sets in front of them.

They will learn to tell the difference between the small and big flags or if the little person figure goes on the right or left sides of the boat.

Your child can also use the boat sets to play however they choose.

3. Color Theory Puzzle

Lovevery Color Theory Puzzel

My daughter enjoyed playing with the Color Theory Puzzle. She likes that it has to do with colors and is challenging. With this puzzle, your child has to figure out what shade comes next to reveal all the blends of color.

The thing I love about lovevery play kits is that, at first glance, I thought this puzzle would be too complex for my daughter to solve, and if I had seen it in the store, I probably wouldn’t have bought it for her, but to my surprise, it turned out to be the right amount of challenging that allowed her to keep going until she solved the puzzle.

Since Lovevery does the research, they know what your child can do at this stage and challenge them in a fun way!

4. ‘Quarter, Half, and Whole’ book

Quarter, Half and Whole Book

The ‘Quarter, Half & Whole’ book by Lovevery is so cute because it’s a fun, hands-on lesson. This book would be great for new pre-k homeschool parents who want to do a fun interactive lesson with their kid, and everything is planned out!

You can first read this book to your 3-year-old. Then, have them select a recipe card from inside the book. After they choose a recipe card, you can ask your child what the first (second, third) thing they should do to prepare this new recipe based on what they just learned.

Have fun together!

5. Stackable Fraction Cups

Lovevery Stackable Fraction Cups

The Stackable Fraction Cups by Lovevery help bring the book above to life, along with the recipe cards. Your child will find it cool and exciting that the boy in the book uses the same measuring cups as them!

6. Visual Recipe Cards

Lovevery Visual Recipe Cards

I love the visual recipe cards by Lovevery because they allow our kids to feel in control of what they make.

The recipe card illustrates everything they will need for the recipe, and because your child won’t know the difference between 1/2 cup and 1/3 cup, the colored cups will help them distinguish which measurement they need!

My daughter feels so proud and like a ‘big girl’ when she can assemble the ingredients without my help.

7. First Sewing Kit

Lovevery first sewing kit

This sewing kit is so cute. This is another of my daughter’s favorites in The Analyst play kit. This First Sewing Kit by Lovevery puts your three-year-old’s fine motor skills into practice.

This kit has a thin sewing needle they must practice holding with two fingers. They will also practice focusing their attention on this task while practicing going under and over with thread to complete sewing the pattern they selected.

The First Sewing Kit is still challenging for my daughter, but I love watching her practice every day until she masters it.

8. Play Guide for months 46, 47, 48.

The Analyst Play Guide by Lovevery

One of my favorite items in the Lovevery subscription box is the Play guide. It contains a wealth of information about my child’s development.

Whether I’m struggling with something or impressed by what my child can do, I always find something I can relate to in the guide. Lovevery uses research to teach parents about their children’s social, emotional, communication, literacy, motor, math, and problem-solving skills.

I appreciate that they suggest ways for both the child and parent to play with the toys received in the subscription box, as well as DIY projects they can do together.

What are my 3-year-old’s favorite items from ‘The Analyst’ Play Kit?

My daughter favorite lovevery toy from this play kit was the:

These are the toys she reaches for the the most since we got this subscription box a month ago. 

What’s my 3-year-old plays with the least from ‘The Analyst’ Play Kit?

The items my daughter plays with the least in The Anaylst play kit was:

I think she played with these lovevery toys the least because she didn’t find them as challenging as the color theory puzzle was for her or learning to use the sewing kit.

Is the Lovevery ‘The Analyst’ Play Kit Worth It?

Yes and No. 

Yes, if you want to include your child in the kitchen but have yet to figure out a fun, educational way. The Quarter, Half, and Whole book helps your child learn what to expect from the kitchen and preparing a recipe while also allowing them to pick 1 of 3 recipes they can prepare. 

Yes, if your child loves puzzles and pattern matching. The boat can be used in the matching set and for playing with other toys.

Yes, for parents that would appreciate the play guide and the many ways it teaches parents what to expect developmentally from their 3-year-old.

Yes, if you would like to know how a particular toy, like the first sewing kit by Lovevery, can help your child with their motor skills in a fun way. 

No, if you get this subscription box just for the toys. I say this because there are cheaper options for similar toys, but all the research and learning activities that ‘The Analyst’ plays guide in tales make all the difference in how you interact with the toys in the box.

Last Thought

I hope this review has given you some insight into whether or not you should invest in ‘The Analyst’ play kit from Lovevery.

These play kits are an excellent resource for parents seeking stimulating toys that provide a variety of activities for their children to engage with.

Ultimately, subscribing to this service can significantly enhance a parent’s important role in their child’s early learning and development.

Let’s continue to choose toys that provide educational opportunities and support our children’s growth in meaningful ways.

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