Quotes On Motherhood By William Dixon

Motherhood Quote by William Dixon

Inspirational Motherhood quote By William Dixon

My Thoughts

The birth of my child has changed my life!

In ways I would have never thought possible.

When I saw my daughter and held her for the first time, I thought “wow I did that!” 

“I created life inside of me!” 

“Women are amazing!” 

“my body created a heart, a brain, eyes, and skin!!”

Seriously! Crazy right?! 

I just couldn’t believe how incredible creating life was!

That moment changed everything for me!

I wanted all the great things life has to offer for my baby and I!

Motherhood is not easy, but if you pay attention, it’s a true work of art!

There are so many life lessons to learn in such a short period of time!

Before becoming a mother, I knew I wanted to do something meaningful with my life that could help others but I just didn’t know what quite yet. 

At the same time, I was also someone who would start something and not finish it. I let fear get in the way many countless times in my life.

But motherhood changed that!

Motherhood taught me strength, love, perseverance, commitment, flexibility, self appreciation, creativity and much more. 

For example,

When I decided to breastfeed, It was hard! Harder than I had ever imagined. 

But, my reason for doing it (my daughter) was stronger!

I was committed! 

A lot of people told me not to stress breastfeeding and just give her formula. I continued anyways until it got better and I was able to breastfeed for 14 months.

This accomplishment was one of the first I’ve ever stuck too, where the old me would have ran away because it was too hard! 

The trails and errors of breastfeeding taught me lessons for a lifetime!

Knowing this new feeling of accomplishment truly made me feel like there’s nothing I couldn’t do!

That experience got me to start blogging and share my story that could help other moms.

I didn’t even consider myself a good writer, I didn’t know how to blog, or how to create my own website but here I am, doing it anyways!

Without the experience of motherhood I probably would have quitted blogging a long time ago or never even started.

With that being said, 

I exchanged nothing for the possibility of EVERYTHING!

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I hope this was inspirational! I know how difficult motherhood can get! 

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