7 Surprising Pregnancy Symptoms I Did Not Experience During Pregnancy

When I became pregnant, I remember thinking, “I hope I don’t experience pregnancy symptoms like stretch marks or swollen feet.” 

Well, let’s just say stretch marks did not make it on today’s list!

(I’ve come to accept it.)

Find out which six did make it on this list!

Here are the Seven Pregnancy Symptoms I Did Not Experience During Pregnancy.

Surprising Things I Did Not Experience During Pregnancy

1. Swollen Feet

All of the mom’s in my family experienced swelling in the feet during pregnancy. 

(to my knowledge)

I didn’t know anyone that did not experience this. 

I was surprised I didn’t!

2. Swollen Face

This was another thing I saw from friends and family during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester.

I didn’t experience this.

3. Protruding Belly Button

This is when your belly button sticks out due to your growing belly. 

I actually found this so cute and was looking forward to it (lol) 

but, I didn’t experience this. 

4. Gaining Extra Weight (aside from belly)

I thought all pregnant women gained extra weight apart from the belly.

Due to cravings, eating for two, and changes in hormones.

I didn’t experience this.

5. Baby kicking me in the ribs

I’ve heard this from so many pregnant women, to beware of your baby kicking you in the ribs or getting comfortable in your rib causing you pain. 

I’m not going to lie, I was so scared to experience this! 

I’m grateful to say I did not experience rib kicking from my daughter. 

6. Cravings

I was most curious about cravings when I became pregnant. 

I waited for that moment in the movies, where the husband has to go out late night just to get the thing the pregnant wife is craving! 

But this didn’t happened to me (lol).

I didn’t crave anything differently from when I crave something when I’m not pregnant. 

7. Emotional Rollercoaster

I consider myself to be an emotional person. 

Therefore, I mentally prepared myself to experience all those waves of emotions that come with the change in hormones during pregnancy. 

But, I was actually very calm. 

Hubby was lucky! Lol

I didn’t allow things to stress me during pregnancy for the heath my baby and my own. It wasn’t easy but I did it.                                            

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I hope this list brought some comfort to your pregnancy or future pregnancy! 

In the comments below, let me know which experience were you surprised not to experience during your pregnancy? 

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