15 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations for Anxious First-Time Moms!

Wondering if positive pregnancy affirmations are necessary?

The answer is yes!

Pregnancy is a big deal, especially for first-time moms!

You question if you’ll be a good enough mother. If this is the right time to bring a baby into the world? If you are ready to give up sleep? If you are prepared to give up life without kids?

These are all valid questions.

I was there too!

My pregnancy was planned, yet when I saw the pregnancy test show positive, I was in total shock and full of fear and anxiety about everything that was about to change! 

  • I was scared that it wasn’t the right time. 
  • I was scared I wasn’t ready.
  • I was worried I was too young and rushed into motherhood.
  • I was concerned about miscarriages.
  • I was concerned about stillbirth.
  • I was scared of giving birth.
  • I was worried about what people would think of me since I wasn’t yet married.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

The problem is with all those worries and fears, it’s easy to miss out on the beauty of pregnancy and really should enjoy it!
This is where positive pregnancy affirmations come in handy!
In this post, I will discuss everything you should know about positive pregnancy affirmations and how to use them!

Let’s get into it.

Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive things you tell yourself in the present tense, that allows you to shift negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Why Use Positive Affirmations During Pregnancy?

Moms-to be use positive pregnancy affirmations to stay positive in all the stages of pregnancy because so much change is happening to your body, the baby, your hormones and your life!

Instead of dwelling on the negative thoughts, use positive pregnancy affirmations so you know…

  • It’s ok to be scared
  • It’s ok to be anxious
  • You CAN do this!
  • You WILL survive morning sickness even when it seems never ending!
  • No one is EVER really ready.
  • To appreciate the little things.
  • You’ll be OK!

Do Positive Affirmations Work?

According to The Best Brain Possible, affirmations have been used to successfully treat people with low self-esteem, depression and other mental health conditions. 

  • It decreases stress
  • It decreases worry
  • It decreases anxiety
  • Increases positive thoughts
  • Increases confidences
  • Encourage openness for behavioral changes
  • Improves your ability to problem solve.

15 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations 

Here are 15 affirmations you can start use using today:

  • “I will be a good mother” 
  • “Everything I need to take care of this baby is already within me”
  • “I am good enough to be a mother and care for this child within me”
  • “My body is the perfect home for my baby”
  • “I educate myself to make the best possible decisions for my pregnancy and my baby’s birth”
  • “My baby is developing normally and will be born healthy, whole, safe and at the perfect time”
  • “I allow myself to see the beauty and joy in my pregnancy. I want to enjoy the precious time with my baby and be empowered by all it brings”
  • ” I set my worries aside and I allow my body to do it’s job”
  • “I love my pregnant body. It is radiant, beautiful, and blissful because it is equipped with everything I need to take care of my baby”
  • ” I know this is the right time for my baby to come into this world and bless my family”
  • ” I protect myself and my baby by allowing only positive thoughts and words about pregnancy and childbirth”
  • ” My baby will find the perfect position to birth” 
  • ” I am healthy and flying through my pregnancy”
  • ” Every week I am one step closer to meeting my baby”
  • ” I won’t be pregnant forever”

Tips On How To Use Pregnancy Affirmations

  1. Pick 2 or 3 affirmations that relate to your core values.
  2. Read them daily! (say it like you mean it!)
  3. Put them up in places where you can see them every day/ everywhere!
  4. Trust yourself!
  5. Trust the process!

Last Thoughts:

Another way to worry less during pregnancy is to educate yourself on the things you are not clear on about pregnancy or ask your doctor to clarify the things you don’t understand.

Believe in yourself and your body!

You’ll be shocked at how naturally some things you worry about will come to you!

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I hope enjoyed this post!

In the comments below, let me know what are some of the things you have been worrying about during pregnancy?

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