How To Get Free Breast Pump through Insurance

I never knew you could get a free breast pump through insurance until I became pregnant.

(thanks to mom bloggers)

But now that I know I could get a free breast pump through my insurance,

I was worried that the process would take too long or would require too much information from me,

(maybe other moms I knew felt the same)

And that’s why I had not heard too many moms around me speak about free breast pumps through insurance.

But this is far from the truth. The process was simple!

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How to Get Your Free Breast Pump Through Insurance?

1. Contact Your Insurance Provider

The first thing you must do is, contact your insurance provider.

This is so the insurance provider can explain their process of providing you with a free breast pump and to inform you of the vendors they work with near you or online.

They will also ask you to get a breast pump prescription from your doctor (primary or OB) for a double electric breast pump.

** Some insurance providers don’t ask you to get a prescription from your because when you select the pump online, the vendor will inform your insurance, and your insurance will then request the prescription from your doctor.**

2. Get Your Breast Pump Prescription

If your insurance provider does ask you to get a breast pump prescription from your doctor,

You can wait until your next prenatal appointment with your OB, or if they allow you to walk into the doctor’s office without an appointment, then you can do that as well.

I decided to walk in one day and ask my doctor if they could give me a prescription because I was about 37-38 weeks pregnant, and I was worried I wouldn’t get my pump before my baby arrived

3. Decide on a Breast Pump

Do research on your top 5 breast pumps!

My Top 5 were,

1. Spectra S1

2. Spectra S2

3. Elvie Double Electric Wearable Breast Pump

4. Medela Pump in Style advanced Breast pump

5. Lansinoh Signaturepro Double Electric breast pump.

I’m a new mom, so I picked these based on the positive reviews and seeing them everywhere!

4. Pick vendor

How to pick a vendor? 

Pick by which one carries the pump you want the MOST!

If all vendors do, then pick the one that will get it to you the quickest.

The pump I wanted the Elvie pump because it was hands-free, and I figured with a newborn, that would be great!

But, none of the vendors from my list carried this pump.

So my second best was the Spectra S2, and one of the three vendors carried this pump!

That’s how I decided on a vendor.

*I’m glad it works out this way because honestly love the Spectra S2 way better than the Elvie.*

5. Receive your free Breast Pump!

The vendor I decided on was online. 

So once I selected the pump I wanted,

I then had to upload the prescription my doctor gave me to the website.

After that, I enter my information (name, address, contact info.) and hit submit!

I received my pump in 1-2 weeks!

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Infographic : How to Get Free Breast Pump Through Insurance?
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I hope you found this was helpful! 

Let me know in the comments below, if getting your free breast pump was this easy?

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