13 Exclusively Pumping Must Haves: Succeed At Breastfeeding Even As A New Mom!

Exclusively Pumping is hard work!

It’s a full-time job! (I wish I were joking!)

I’m a first-time mom and the first in my family to pump exclusively for so long!

I had people telling me that if my daughter wasn’t latching to my breast, I should give her formula.

There is nothing wrong with formula, but I wanted to give breastfeeding a try!

Since I didn’t know anyone who pumped exclusively, I had to learn many things on my own or from research.

(Thank god for Pinterest!)

To make exclusively pumping easier, prepare yourself with the essentials before baby arrives.

That is how I was able to pump exclusively for 14months!

Below, I’ve listed 13 Exclusive Pumping Must-Haves that will help new moms or new to exclusive pumping moms achieve their breastfeeding goals!

Exclusively Pumping Must Haves!

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13 Exclusively Pumping Must Haves!

1. Powerful Electric Double Breast Pump


If you want to succeed in exclusively pumping up to 6 months, one year, or more, you need a powerful electric double-breast pump!

Trust me; I’ve used a couple of pumps. Suction is significant to keep your milk supply up.

And make sure you get a double not single breast pump, so you save yourself time from having to pump the other breast separately.

2. Nipple Cream

This is another exclusively pumping must have!

You will learn this soon after the first pump!

Your nipples will crack, and it will hurt!

(sorry, it’s true!)

The nipple cream/butter helps keep your nipples moisturized when pumping with cracked nipples.

(Click here to view vegan nipple butter option)

Yes, it will still hurt at first, but not as much as if you didn’t moisturize your nipples after and before every pump!

(They will heal soon! Stay strong.)

3. Water Bottle

Water is very important when breastfeeding!

In my post, 7 Exclusive Pumping Tips, I explain why water is so important.

Go check it out!

4. BreastMilk Storage Bags

Since you will be pumping often, you’ll need a place to store all the breastmilk! 

Make sure to write the time and date of your pumping session on the bags.

Date? You don’t want to give your baby spoiled milk!

Time? Daytime milk has more protein, and Nighttime milk has melatonin to help the baby fall asleep.

(Download the infographics below to see how you can store milk)

Exclusive Pumping Infographic

    5. Nursing Pads

    Nursing pads are great for when your breast are full and start to leak.

    Also, for when your nipple are cracked and sore. You are going to want them covered with some nipple cream.

    This helped a lot.

    6. Pumping Bra

    You’ll be pumping a lot!

    You don’t want to be holding the bottles up the entire time!

    (I did for a long time and my back and arms would hurt so much because pumping sessions can last from 30-45mins.)

    So avoid that and get yourself comfortable!

    7. Feeding Bottles

    I like these Dr. Browns bottles, but you can get anyone you want.

    Just make sure to get a few bottles because you don’t want to be washing the bottles after every feed! 

    (It’s about 8 feeds a day or more during the newborn stage).

    I prefer to wash all eight bottles plus pump parts at once at the end of the day than to wash the same 3 -4 bottles a few times a day.

    Do whatever works for you!

    And, if you can choose bottles that attach well to your pump of choice, that would be great!

    8. Bottle Warmer

    I love this bottle warmer!

    I used this bottle warmer for all of my refrigerated or thawed breastmilk because it was quick, easy, and wouldn’t overheat (once I got the timing right).

    Another even easier way to warm up your breastmilk is placing the sealed breastmilk storage bag in a cup of hot water from the sink! 

    (I tried this very late in the game, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner!)

    9. Extra Pumping Parts

    Three reasons for extra pump parts, 

    1. In case a part falls and breaks!

    This happened to me twice, and I was stressed!

    Both times, the suction cups fell when I opened the refrigerator door, and the back part of one broke, so it couldn’t attach it to the pump.

    2. In case one pair is dirty!

    Sometimes you don’t feel like it or cannot wash it right now, so it helps to have extra!

    3. Maintenance

    It’s essential to change out pump parts to keep the suction working strong!

    Exclusive Pumping Infographic

      10. Pumping Station

      Make your life easy and set up a pumping station!

      A pumping station is a place where you have everything you may need for pumping and while pumping. 

      What I had In my Pumping Station?

      • Breast Pump
      • Nipple Cream
      • Storage Bags
      • Extra pump parts
      • Phone charger
      • Water bottle
      • Book
      • Nursing Pads
      • Snacks (cookies)
      • pacifier
      • diapers 
      • diaper cream
      • burp cloth
      • baby wipes

      Add whatever you may need!  

      Make this station comfortable for yourself, so you want to pump.

      11. Prenatal Vitamins

      Doctors recommend you take Prenatal Vitamins while breastfeeding,

      for the same reasons it’s recommended during pregnancy,

      to get the daily required vitamins for you and baby.

      12. Portable Pump For On The Go

      If your baby doesn’t latch on the breast, make sure you always have a portable pump with you!


      Things happen!

      Milk spills, or maybe you didn’t pack enough milk, and your baby needs to eat!


      Maybe, you stayed out longer than expected, and your boobs hurt!

      You want to be prepared.

      13. Entertainment (book, movie, series)


      Pumping happens so often! After the very first pumping session, you’ll be dreading all the many sessions that are to come!

      Because of this, I had to find motivation besides my most prominent reason, which was to breastfeed my daughter.

      I found motivation in watching a movie or series right up to the point where I stopped pumping!

      Yes, even if it was just getting really good! 


      Because this way, I would look forward to my next pumping session to continue watching the show or movie.

      (try it and let me know in the comments below if it helped you too!)

      closing signature

      I hope this list is helpful in your exclusive pumping journey!

      Pumping Infographics for Exclusive Pumping

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