Doona vs Evenflo Shyft Dualride Review (2024)

Last Updated: May 18, 2024

Evenflo just came out with its new Evenflo Shyft Dualride infant car seat and stroller combo, and since its only competitor, the Doona car seat and stroller,was such a big hit, it is only fair that we compare the two! 

Doona vs Evenflo Shyft Dualride, which is best for you?

Let’s start with what makes the two similar!

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Doona vs Evenflo Shyft Dualride : Similarities 

Here is how the Doona and Evenflo Shyft Dualride infant car seat and stroller are similar:

1. Car Seat and Stroller Combo

The Doona and the Evenflo Shyft Dualride are most popular for their best 2-in-1 feature, the infant car seat and stroller combo. 

With just a push of a button, you can turn your infant car seat into a stroller and stroller into a car seat!

Doona vs Evenflo Shyft Dualride-3

2. Child fit Capacity 

The Evenflo Shyft Dualrides minimum baby weight capacity is 3 lbs, and its maximum weight capacity is 35 lbs.

The Doona’s minimum weight capacity is 4 lbs instead of 3 lbs, but its maximum weight limit is still the same as the Evenflo, 35 lbs. 

Additionally, the Doona vs Evenflo Shyft Dualride have the same height capacity of 32 inches

3. Anti-Rebound

Both the Doona and the Dualride have an anti-rebound feature. An anti-rebound feature supports the car seat in an accident by limiting its movements and absorbing most of the impact.

The Doona has an anti-rebound bar on the car seat, whereas the Dualrides has an anti-rebound base.

4. FAA Aircraft Approved

The Doona and the Evenflo Dualride are both FAA aircraft approved, which means both car seat and stroller may be a better option than traveling with a travel system with multiple parts.

5. Rear-Facing Only

Both the Doona and the Evenflo Shyft Dualride are rear-facing infant car seats. A perfect first car seat and stroller for your newborn baby. Once your baby has outgrown this car seat, you can check out these rotating car seats.

6. Price

Regarding pricing, these two infant car seats and stroller combo are the same price. They are both currently priced at $550.

Therefore, pricing will not be a deciding factor between the two.

7.  Easily Converts From Car Seat to Stroller  

The Doona vs Evenflo Shyft Dualride easily converts from a car seat to a stroller with a squeeze of a button on the back part of the car seat. They both collapse and open in the same way.

8. Able to Install Without Base

The Doona and the Evenflo Dualride allow you to safely install the car seat stroller into a car without the base. The flexibility to install this car seat stroller with a seat belt instead of the base is excellent when out in the city and you plan to take a cab instead of your car or even while traveling.

Doona vs Evenflo Shyft Dualride : Differences

Here is how the Doona and Evenflo Shyft Dualride infant car seat and stroller are different:

1. Removable Carrier

The unique feature that separates the Evenflo Shyft Dualride from the Doona is that the Dualride car seat detaches from the wheels, making it easier to carry if you don’t plan to use the stroller. The Doona car seat does not have this feature.

2. Stroller Weight & Size

The weight of the Doona infant car seat and stroller combo is 26.8 lbs when used with the base. Without the base, the car seat and wheels weigh 16.5 lbs.

On the other hand, the Evenflo Shyft Dualride weighs 29 lbs with the car seat base. The car seat’s weight with wheels is 19.7 lbs, and the car seat alone weighs 9.3 lbs. Although the Evenflo Dualride is heavier with wheels, it allows removing the carrier, making it easier to carry.

The Evenflo Dualride stroller is slightly taller, measuring 41.5 inches, compared to the Doona at 39 inches.

3. SensorSafe Technology Seat Belt 

The Evenflo Dualride has a Sensorsafe seat belt that sends real-time data to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

This technology alerts you if your baby’s car seat is unbuckled, if there are changes in temperature in the car seat, if you have accidentally left your child in the car, or if your child has been sitting in the car seat for too long.

Parents who tend to worry a lot may find this feature beneficial for peace of mind. The Doona does not include this feature.

4. No Rethread Harness

The Evenflo Shyft Dualride does not need to be rethreaded to adjust the harness. To adjust harness height, you can pull the top part of the headrest to the desired harness height, whereas in the Doona, you would have to rethread the harness to adjust for harness height.

5. Color Options 

Regarding color options, the Doona has seven color options versus the Evenflo Dualride, which has 3. However, in both, the car seat and stroller are primarily black.

The Doona’s canopy has color options, and for the Duelride, it’s the seat lining with color options.

6. Adjustable Crotch Positions 

It’s important to note that babies come in different sizes, so having crotch position options can make a big difference in their comfort while in a car seat. The Dualride has considered this and added two crotch positions, whereas the Doona only has one.

7. Carry-all Storage Bag & Cupholder

Another differentiating feature between the Doona vs. Evenflo Shyft Dualride is the items included with purchasing a Dualride.

The Dualride comes with a removable carry-all storage bag and cupholder, along with the car seat and stroller, car seat base, and infant insert. 

The Doona does not include storage or a cupholder. However you do have the option to purchase them separately.

8. Wheel Size

The Doona stroller has swivel wheels that are noticeably larger than the Dualride stroller. Larger wheels make it easier to use on bumpier roads, but not a deal breaker.

9. Headrest Extends

The section about similarities notes that both the Doona and Evenflo Shyft Dualride have a height limit of 32 inches.

However, Evenflo has an added feature where the headrest can be easily adjusted for height and head support by pulling it upwards.

Sadly, this feature is not included in the Doona. I wonder if this missing feature will become a deciding factor between the Doona vs Evenflo Shyft Dualride. 

10. Seat Protector

Since we use strollers in all kinds of weather, we must wonder if Doona vs Evenflo Shyft Dualride thought of a way to keep stroller wheels from dirtying our car seats.

The answer is yes! Both the Doona and the Dualride considered this. The Dualride added a washable wheel shield located on the base. In contrast, the Doona provides a protective seat mat to keep seats clean.

How To Decide Which Car Seat and Stroller Combo is Best For You?

Evenflo Shyft Dualride 

The Dualride car seat and stroller combo is for you if you like:

  • The option of the car seat separating from the stroller portion. 
  • The included stroller storage & cupholder. 
  • Headrest Extension. 
  • SensorSafe Seat Belt Tech.
  • Washable Wheel Shields.
  • Easy to remove machine washable seat covers.
  • Free replacement after car crash for registered car seats.
  • Expecting a small baby.

Doona Car Seat & Stroller Comb

The Doona infant car seat and stroller combo is for you if you :

  • Want the original popular car seat and stroller 
  • Want the lighter car seat and stroller option.
  • Want more color options.
  • Want a stroller with bigger wheels. 
  • Don’t care for the sensorsafe technology. 
  • Don’t care for the option to remove car seat from stroller. 

Last Thoughts

The Doona vs the Evenflo Shyft Dualride infant car seat and stroller combo. They are both great options. The Doona was the first in the market to create a baby product of this kind. The Doona made it easy for families to move around from place to place with an easy squeeze of a button to go from car seat to stroller.

However, the Shyft Dualride came prepared to compete. The Shyft Dualride offers a unique feature in removing the car seat from the stroller wheels and transforming it into a carrier, making it less heavy to carry. The Shyft Dualride also added the Sensorsafe seat belt, washable wheel shields, headrest extension, and carry-all storage bag.

I’m interested to see if the Doona will remain the parent’s favorite or if the Evenflo Shyft Dualride will become the new favorite for parents.

Doona vs Evenflo Shyft Dualride

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