5 Breastfeeding Infographics for Exclusively Pumping New Moms!

When I became pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed.

But, when my daughter was born I wasn’t producing as much milk as my daughter needed.

In order to track how much milk she was consuming and how much I was producing, I decided to pump.  

When I started to pump, I had so many questions I wish I knew the answers too before baby arrived.

Unfortunately, when I did my breastfeeding research I didn’t put much mind to pumping!

I only took in the information I thought was important in the moment, until the time actually came and I realized  how unprepared I really am!

And that’s ok. I just had to do some last minute research and infographics were my life savers!

Therefore, I decided to create five pumping infographics below for some of the main questions I had when I started pumping like,

How to get a free breast pump through your insurance? How to store breastmilk? What are breastfeeding must haves? how many times a day did I have to pump? how long should I pump? how often did I have to pump?

I hope you find them helpful!






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