How To Set Up the Best Breast Pumping Station with Limited Space at Home?

A breast pumping station is essential for new moms who breastfeed and pump or pump exclusively.

The reason for setting up a pumping station is to make your breast pumping journey a little easier!

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I am a first-time mom who pumped exclusively since my daughter was a newborn until she was 14 months old!

(I still can’t believe it!)

Breast Pumping Station

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What I haven’t mentioned is that I live in a small apartment in NYC.

So, figuring out my must-haves as a new mom with a newborn was crucial in order to prevent drowning in my apartment from all the baby stuff!

(Which we all know is easy to do with all the cute and cool things out there for moms and babies!)

I knew I needed to create a breast pumping station, but it had to be small and portable!

Let’s get into how I was able to do that!

What Is A Breast Pumping Station?

A breast pumping station is the one place where you will keep all your breast pumping essentials for easy access while breast pumping (exclusively pumping).

Do You Really Need A Pumping Station At Home?


Even if you choose not to invest in a rolling cart or basket to store and organize your breast pumping essentials, you will naturally create a breast pumping station wherever you choose to do your pumping most often.

Even if that means cluttering your nightstand, coffee stand, tv stand, or anywhere else you can put things on top of (lol).

Where To Store Your Breast Pumping Essentials with Limited Space at Home?

In a storage basket like this one!

It’s easy to carry around your home. (From bedroom, to living room, to home office if you’d like)

It’s also small enough to tuck away!

You’ll be surprise at all the things you are able to fit in this storage basket!

Where In Your Home Should Your Pumping Station Be?

Your pumping station should be wherever you feel comfortable!

Somewhere you have a comfortable chair, an outlet to plug in your breast pump, and an area to put your storage basket without it being in the way.

(For me, this was in my living room, where I had my rocking chair.)

What Do You Put in a Breast Pumping Station?

When you live in a small apartment with limited space as I do, what you put in your pumping station storage basket is only the essential items needed during your pumping sessions! 

This will look different for all of us, so below I’ve listed 10 things I needed in my breast pumping station at all times! 

(And yes, I was able to fit them into my storage basket!

1.Breast Pump

Spectra S1 Double Breast Electric Pump

Of course, a breast pump! 

Make sure it’s a double electric breast pump. I used the Spectra s2 breast pump (which I love!), but I recommend the Spectra S1 (if your insurance provides it) because it’s portable, rechargeable and has a strong suction!

2. Nipple Butter

Earth Mama-Nipple butter

Nipple butter is a must-have when exclusively pumping! 

They help soothe cracked and irritated nipples caused by pumping frequently. I recommend applying nipple butter before and after each pumping session for the best results!

My favorite nipple butter while pumping exclusively was Earth Mama organics nipple butter. I also used this as a lip balm!

3. Reusable Nursing Pads

Reusable Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are great for two reasons when breastfeeding,

One, they absorb leaking breast milk and two, they keep raw and sore nipples from rubbing on our shirt or bra in the beginning stages when our nipples are the most sensitive as new moms!

I chose these reusable nursing pads because they saved me money from buying disposable breast pads, and they were easy to wash.

4. Breast Milk Storage Bags

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Great for storing your freshly pumped breast milk in the fridge or for starting your freezer stash!

I started using breast milk storage bags when I was producing more than my daughter consumed during each feed.

5. Water Bottle

Refillable Water Bottles

Water bottles are a must have in your breast pumping station because you get REALLY thirsty when breast pumping and breastfeeding!

**find out why water is so important during breastfeeding in my post: 7 Exclusive Pumping Tip **

6. Breastfeeding Snacks

Breast pumping station essentials

It’s always good to have some breastfeeding snacks in your pumping station in case you need one!

Snack ideas:

7. Hand Towel

Hand towels (or paper towels) are fantastic to have in your breast pumping station in case breast milk starts leaking outside of your breast pump for whatever reasons.

Or, at the end of each pumping session, you can wipe down your nipples and flanges.

I used baby washcloths because my daughter had so many. So I took a few to keep in my pumping basket.

8. Extra Pump Parts

breast pumping station

During a not-so-fun pumping moment, I learned that it’s a brilliant idea to have extra pump parts in your pumping station!

Parts like the breast pump valves, tubing’s and flanges.

If you are an exclusive pumper, you know that a strong suction is vital! Therefore, replacing old breast pump parts with new ones will prevent possible drop in milk supply.

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9. Entertainment

Pumping exclusively is so time-consuming, sometimes painful, and exhausting! Therefore, having something to look forward to when it comes to pumping helps encourage us to keep going and achieve our breast pumping goals!

Entertainment Ideas:

10. Baby Things You Often Need

Having some diapers, wipes, diaper cream, extra pacifier or burp cloth in the pumping station in case it’s just you and baby at home alone!

Last Thoughts

Remember, this is YOUR breast pumping station, you can add as much or as little as you like!

There is no right or wrong way!

Again, the point of a breast pumping station is to make your pumping life EASIER!

I hope this post was helpful!

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