12 Reasons Lovevery Subscription Toys Are Worth It!

I first heard about Lovevery subscription toys when I was pregnant with my daughter. I thought they were so cute!

But would they be worth getting for my daughter?

I live in a small apartment, and subscriptions of toys sound like a massive accumulation of toys in my apartment!

Lovevery gifted us The Helper Play Kit when my daughter was two years old! 

After watching my daughter play with the Lovevery play kit, I now understand why Lovevery subscription toys make sense,

and I also saw how much new parents could benefit from this toy subscription!

So, here are the 12 reasons Lovevery subscription are worth it and beneficial to new parents!

This post is in collaboration with Lovevery and contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information

1. The Play & Developmental Guide!

Lovevery Subscriptions

In every play kityou receive a play guide & developmental guide! I genuinely appreciate this from Lovevery!

The Play Guide- teaches you how to play with your baby or toddler at their developmental stage! 

The Developmental Guide– informs the parent of what to expect from their child at this age and how you can support them in their developmental growth!

Is Lovevery worth it for the play and developmental guide?  YES!

2. Subscription Based

The key to surviving motherhood is to prepare everything you can ahead of time or simplify the preparation with a subscription! 

Whether that’s a food subscription-like Green Chef or for kids Yumble, getting a book subscription for your kid from Amazon, or even a toy subscription from Lovevery that is:

  • age-appropriate
  • child-safe
  • sustainable
  • Non-toxic 

It’s also lovely to see how excited and happy my daughter got when she opened the box of toys for the first time!

(there’s NO commitment, so skip or cancel your subscription anytime!)

3. Less Researching = More Quality Time With Your Kid.

Lovevery Subscription Toys

I can’t begin to tell you how much research I have done as a first-time mom on pretty much everything for my daughter!

I can’t believe even toys made it on my list of things! ( & I know I’m not alone on this!)

All I wanted was to play with my daughter and not think of something else I had to research or DIY!

Lovevery helps with that by doing the researchproviding the developmentally appropriate toy/activity, and then sharing the expert’s tips on how to play and interact with your baby or toddler at their age.

Is Lovevery worth it if it’s one less thing to research?  YES! 

4. Multifunctional Toys

Lovevery Subscription Toys

Whether you don’t like having too many toys all over the place or have limited space at home for toys, Lovevery can help!

Lovevery’s Play Gym and Block Set can be all the toys you need for your child’s first 4 years!

Yes you heard right!

Backed by all the research we don’t time to read!

Play Gym includes: 

  • Organic cotton high contrast ball
  • Batting Ring 
  • Organic Cotton Teether
  • Teething Rings
  • Black & White Card Set
  • Mirror Card Set 
  • Common Object Card Set
  • Face Card Set
  • Play Guide

Block Set Includes:

  • 15 Colorful Solid Wood Building Blocks
  • 5 Solid Wood Cylinders
  • 18 Colorful Solid Wood Building Planks
  • 9 Assorted Solid Wood Shapes
  • 4 solid Wood People
  • Magnetic Wheels and Dowels with a Toggle string
  • Wooden Storage Box, Lid & Ramp
  • Cotton Draw String Bag
  • Play Guide for all stages from 18 months-48 months+
  • Over 20 ways to play!
  • Early STEM learning!
Is Lovevery worth it for just the Play mat and Block set? YES!

5. Great Quality Toys

Toys are built to last and made from sustainable harvest wood, organic cotton, non-toxic paint, and baby-safe plastic!

I love how they thought about how our child would handle the toys and made them accordingly because, as you suspect, my daughter has already put the toys to the test, and I was amazed at the result!

For example, The Helper Play Kit includes:

  • Felt Flowers In A Row–  my daughter already try bending them and pulling them apart! But since they are made of cotton they are still intact!
  • Anywhere Art Kit With Washable Tempera Paintsticks– As you could assume she did not use the paint sticks just on paper but also on my coffee table and her white high-chair! Thankfully they wash off easily and afterwards it look like nothing happened! 

I’m sure we can all appreciate this!

Is Lovevery worth it for the great quality toys? Yes!

Lovevery Subscriptions Toys

6. No More Worrying About What Fun Activities You Should Be Doing!

Again, I can’t believe this is something I have and do worry about! 

Especially when balancing my work from home and mom duties! I’m always wondering if my daughter had fun that day or if there is something I could be doing differently.

With the play guide, I feel like a teacher is in my house guiding me on how to play with my daughter in the simplest ways that make the most significant impact!

7. No More Worrying About What Educational Activities You Should Be Doing!

I sometimes feel pressured as a stay-at-home mom that I’m not teaching my daughter enough because I compare what my daughter knows versus what other toddlers her age know.

Although I know this doesn’t seem right and I don’t compare on purpose, I usually turn those moments as a learning opportunity for myself, and I reflect on how I can help my daughter learn this new skill.

As I mentioned above, the play/developmental guide is beneficial because it teaches you about having realistic expectations of your baby or toddler!

The way Lovevery does this is by explaining what developmental activities are “normally” seen at your child’s age, and then they teach the parent how to support the child in learning that new skill with the toys in the subscription box!

Is Lovevery worth it for simplifying learning? Yes!

8. Encourages Pretend Play

My daughter was 24 months old when she received her first play kit (the helper kit), and I started to notice more pretend play, which was beautiful and funny to watch! 

  • She would pretend to be washing dishes like me in the play sink.
  • She also acts to be drinking juice from the cups in the play kit and offers me some!
  • She pretends to smell the flowers even though it has no smell, but it’s so cute to watch.

 I believe it also has to do with the Montessori-inspired (real life) toys she received, like a play sink, cups, plates, and cotton flowers.

Lovevery Subscription Toys

9. No Annoying Noisy Toys!

If you have a toddler, you know how often they can press the buttons of all the talking and noise-making toys and never get tired of hearing the same thing!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why they enjoy listening to animal sounds, the truck sounds, the talking dolls, and flashing lights, BUT sometimes we are too overwhelmed and too tired to hear them!

This is when I can appreciate none electronic toys! 

10. No Batteries Needed!

No electronics = No batteries!

We go through a couple of batteries ever so often because, as I mentioned above, toddlers could listen to the same things over and over and over again!

It’s also sad when your toddler is excited to play with a new toy, but batteries are not included, and you don’t have any with you!

With Lovevery’s toysyou can play with the toys right out of the box and let their imagination guide their play!

Lovevery Subscription Toys

11. Easy To Take On The Go!

I like that there is always something in the subscription box you could take with you on the go!

Great for keeping her calm in the car!

Also, check out the new book bundles by Lovevey!

Another option for on the go learning and entertainment!

12. No More Worrying If Your Kid Is Watching To Much TV!

In trying to balance my stay-at-home mom and work-from-home mom life, I found myself getting overwhelmed too often that I couldn’t even come up with simple activities! 

As a result, my daughter would watch TV for longer than I would like! I would feel so guilty!

The good thing about Lovevery toys is that they are self-guided and colorful, so my daughter looks forward to playing and drawing with or without me and most times doesn’t care for tv! 

Last Thoughts, “Is a lovevery subscription worth it?”

That is for you to decide!

Can you relate to the reasons I listed above? Can you afford to pay for the play kit subscription? Do you have the space in your house for the toys? Do you enjoy playing and learning with your baby? Are non-toxic toys important to you? Do you like Montesorri toys?

If you answered YES to most or all the questions, then yes, Lovevery is worth it!

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Lovevery Subscription toys

If you read the entire post thank you! 

I hope this Lovevery review post was helpful!

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