About Me

Are You A First-Time Mom?

About me

My name is Erica, the creator of “Motherhood Taught Me.” 

I’m a first-time mom to a beautiful little girl named Scarlett.

I created “Motherhood Taught Me” because I was so scared of becoming a mom! I didn’t feel ready! I felt there was more I should have done before becoming a mother (as if my life was over). To my surprise, my life was just beginning!

Motherhood has compelled me to conquer challenges that I would have never faced if it weren’t for the love and protectiveness I feel for my daughter.

As cliché as it may sound, loving her has made me a better person.

Therefore, I wanted to assist other new moms who may feel overwhelmed with emotions about this new and substantial responsibility of becoming a mother.

What To Expect From Motherhood Taught Me?

With this blog, I aim to support first-time moms in overcoming their fears and doubts about motherhood. I will share the valuable lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn on my motherhood journey, both the positive and the challenging experiences. 

I will provide tips and tricks for dealing with various aspects of motherhood, including:

  • First Pregnancy (Prenatal Visits, Morning Sickness, What to Expect)
  • Postpartum Recovery (Emergency C-section) 
  • Breastfeeding (From Struggling to Breastfeed to Exclusive Pumping,
  • All things baby (Including Caring For a Baby with Eczema and Food Allergies)
  • Parenting (including being a Stay-at-Home Mom)

You Are Not Alone On This Journey!

All moms are welcome, not just first-time moms.

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