About Me

Are You A First-Time Mom?

My name is Erica, the creator of “Motherhood Taught Me.” 

I’m a first time mom to a beautiful little girl named Scarlett.

I created “Motherhood Taught Me” because I was so scared of becoming a mom! I didn’t feel ready! I felt there was more I should have done before becoming a mother (as if my life was over). 

To my surprise, my life was just beginning!

Motherhood has forced me to overcome challenges I would have never overcame, if it wasn’t for the love I have for my daughter!


Loving her has made me better! 

As a result, I wanted to help other first time mom who are feeling overwhelmed with emotions about this new and big responsibility of becoming a new mom!  

What To Expect From Motherhood Taught Me?

With this blog, I hope to help first-time moms overcome their fears and doubts of motherhood and all that comes with it by,

sharing with you the great and not so great lessons I’ve learned so far on my motherhood journey!

I will share my tips and tricks for dealing with:

  • First Pregnancy (prenatal visits, morning sickness, what to expect)
  • Postpartum (emergency C-section) recovery,
  • Breastfeeding (struggling breastfeeding to exclusive pumper),
  • All things baby (from a baby who has eczema and food allergies)
  • Parenting (from a Stay-at-home and work-from-home mom!).

I hope this blog is able to help you through your Motherhood Journey!

All moms welcome not just first-time moms!

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