9 Best Creams for Baby with Eczema

Having the best cream for a baby with eczema is crucial! 

Eczema can get stressful fast because of all the scratching and discomfort to your baby!

My daughter was five months when I first started to see she was experiencing itchy red patches all over her belly. She would scratch so much! 

In the beginning, I had no idea what it was. The pediatrician told me she might have eczema or food allergies, since I was exclusively breastfeeding. 

The pediatrician recommended I apply Aquaphor on the itchy red areas. Aquaphor helped for a few months, but as she got older the Aquaphor would just make her itchier.

As a result, I was on a mission for the best eczema cream I could find or any cream that was moisturizing enough to prevent the skin from drying in the first place.

At around 8-9 months, My daughter’s pediatrician confirmed that my daughter has eczema and food allergies. 

My daughter is allergic to eggs, dairy, and peanuts. 

(I know my daughter has other food allergies because I’ve seen her skin break out in hives but couldn’t pinpoint the cause.)

Therefore, when choosing the best eczema cream, I also had to keep in mind that it wouldn’t cause an allergic reaction (which it did a few times!).

With all that in mind, I’ve listed below the 9 best creams for a baby with eczema that I have tried and love for my daughter!

(trust me when I say I’ve tried so many creams that either didn’t hydrate her skin or caused an allergic reaction.)

Baby with eczema

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Best Everyday Cream For Baby With Eczema

Best Cream For Baby Eczema With Really Dry Patches

Eczema Cream =+ Uber-Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen Set

What You Want From Your Everyday Creams?

Everyday creams should be very hydrating to the skin. The texture should feel creamy and silky. I love a lotion that when applied on my daughter’s dry patches I can instantly feel it hydrating the skin. 

(I hope you know what I mean) 

I don’t particularly appreciate it when a cream feels watery. They don’t do anything for my daughter’s skin, and in a few minutes, her skin feels dry again

What You Want From The Baby Eczema Creams For Really Dry Patches?

These creams should be extra thick and creamy! (custard-like). This cream should improve the dry patches overnight or at least over the next two days. 

You want to take care of the dry areas fast because the longer the dry patch is there, the more scratching will continue and, as a result, many cuts. (Which we don’t want but do happen!)

Tips For Best Results From Eczema Creams

Tip #1: Make sure eczema prone area is always clean before applying cream.

Tips #2: Apply everyday cream to the eczema areas as often as you change your baby’s diaper!

(at least until the dry patches are no longer dry!)

Tips #3: At night time, apply eczema cream for dry patches to eczema prone area(s) to keep the skin hydrated throughout the night.

(my daughter has had nights where she scratches so much and doesn’t let me sleep and I have to re-apply cream to help her sleep)

Tips #4: Bathe baby before bed to keep skin clean and then apply eczema cream of choice. 

Tip #5: Use a moisturizing eczema body wash. 

(some soaps tend to dry out the skin).

Tip #6: (This tips is not about the cream) Keep you baby’s nails cut or in a mitten to avoid cuts and bleeding from the scratching. 

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I hope this is helpful!

In the comments below, let me know if you found this post helpful and let me know which cream you are excited to try!

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