38 Baby Things To Buy Before Birth!

Are you a new mom wondering how you will ever decide on the right baby things to buy before birth with so many baby products to pick from?!

One important thing to remember when shopping for your newborn baby is that babies grow up fast!

So you will go through baby stuff reasonably quickly!

Therefore, all the baby things you buy should fall under these three categories:

  • Best,
  • Affordable,
  • and (if possible) Multifunctional!

This will make a world of difference when deciding.

In this post, I’ve listed 38 things you will need for a new baby that I also used with my daughter! 

Keep in mind all babies are different, so some things my baby liked, your baby may not. And that’s ok!

You will figure out what works best for your baby along the way. 

These newborn essentials are great starting points and options to help new parents (like you) prepare for their baby!

**This list is long and detailed, but I promise it will be helpful to you!**

Baby Things To Buy Before Birth

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Table of Contents

1. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine 

38 Baby Things To Buy Before Birth!

The Hatch sound machine is something I never knew I needed (lol). 

The sound machine helps babies sleep better because they are not used to the quiet.

The sound machine helps block outside noises as well.

Blocking outside noises is excellent for babies who are light sleepers and wake up when you have people over,

or maybe you live in the city and have car horns going off outside the bedroom window, and you don’t want your baby to wake up!


2. Video Baby Monitor

Being a new mom, I worried so much about my baby while she slept, and so I would keep the a baby monitor on me to check up on her when I wanted to without having to go into the room every second and possibly waking her up. 

The baby monitor was something I didn’t think I would use but glad I did!

The baby monitor allowed me more freedom around the house!

3. First Year 2-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

The First Year bottle warmer makes it so easy to warm up milk! 

Whether it’s formula, refrigerated breast milk, or even baby food

This warmer comes with a tube with minutes on it. So all you have to do is put water at the minute level you desire to warm up the milk. When the minutes selected are up, it turns off on its own! 

No need to worry about milk overheating! (Well, this is true after you figure out the correct minutes it takes to warm up your baby milk, lol)

4. Dr. Brown’s wide neck bottle, Level 1, 5 ounce

I love this bottle simply because it has a green tub in the middle that prevents bubbles from building up at the nipple, which can cause gas in the baby’s tummy. 

My daughter experienced some painful gas a couple of times before getting this bottle.

5. NUK Sensitive™ 0-6 M 3-Pack Orthodontic Pacifiers

I gave my newborn daughter a pacifier the night we got home from the hospital to help soothe her. She didn’t care for a pacifier most times, but whenever she was a little fussy, it helped her. 

Interesting fact, I felt that giving my baby a pacifier helped me prevent overfeeding!

Why? I knew when she was last fed, so I would then check her diaper, check for gas, and lastly,

I would give her the pacifier, and sometimes it turned out she just wanted to suck on something for comfort, and she would go to sleep. 

This could be a tip to help other first-time parents from overfeeding their baby by confusing comfort cry with hunger cry.

But ultimately, it is the parent’s choice whether to give or not give their child a pacifier. 

6. Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water 

38 Baby Things To Buy Before Birth!

This is great for Gas, Colic, Fussiness, & Hiccups. This works right away! All first time parents should have this on hand! I used this when my baby was gassy and when she had hiccups.

Trust me, you will appreciate knowing about this product!

7. Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Everyday drops

This is great to promote digestive health and immune function. I started giving this to my daughter when she had her first constipation experience at 10 months. Some babies experience constipation earlier. This can really help. 

8. Mommy’s Bliss Organic Vitamin D

At my daughter’s newborn appointment, her pediatrician recommended I give her Vitamin D daily. I picked this one. Vitamin D promotes healthy growth and bone development. 

9. Care Kit 

It has a lot of essential things you will need for your baby like, nail clippers, nail files, hair brush and comb, thermometer and many more. 

10. Forehead & Ear thermometer

I found this forehead scanner to be quick and easy when my daughter had fevers, which she got most times after a vaccine or when teething. 

11. Fridababy NoseFrida the SnotSucker

38 Baby Things To Buy Before Birth!

This is an amazing product! You will appreciate this snotsucker when your baby has a cold, stuffy nose or just a lot of snot accumulation in the nose. 

Your baby may not like it but YOU Will LOVE It!

12. Saline Drops

This helps soften up the snot (boogers) so that when you use the NoseFrida or any other snot-removing product, it will come right out with no trouble. I used the Little Remedies Saline Spray and Drops.

13. Skip hop Moby  Smart Sling 3 Stage Tub

I really like that this tub has three stages. The Sling is easily removable. And the tub had room for my daughter to sit up and play in it as she grows up. 

(she’s 2 years old now and still fits in this tub)

14. Shea Moisture 100% Coconut Oil Wash Shampoo and Lotion set

I love this product!! It’s very hydrating to the skin

It has simple, clean, and hydrating ingredients. 

When my daughter was three months, she started scratching so much because of eczema. As a result, she has many dry patches that become itchy if I don’t keep the are moisturize, and this cream has been a lifesaver! (and I’ve tried so many creams!!) 

15. Baby Towel

This was the first towel I picked for my daughter. I found it soo CUTE!

16. Wash Cloth

I use these one for bath time, when my daughter was a newborn.

17. Burp Cloth

This is great for when newborns spit up while being burped after a feeding. 

18. Bib

Bibs are good to have in case your baby is one who spills milk from the side of their mouth during feedings or spits up a lot due to colic. I honestly didn’t have to use bibs with my daughter that often. 

But, I do know other babies who did need to use bibs to avoid milk going to their neck and sometimes causing rashes.

19. Velcro Baby Swaddles

38 Baby Things To Buy Before Birth!

Another Life SAVER!

As a first-time mom, this may be the first-time you are wrapping a baby like a burrito and trust me, IT’S NOT EASY! 

Especially, when trying to make it tight enough so that they don’t come out of it.

The Velcro makes it easy to wrap and secure baby,  so that your baby doesn’t come out of it and can sleep and stay comfortable longer!  

20. Newborn Mittens

These are life savers because baby’s nails grow So Fast!

You can cut them, trim them or file them down today and tomorrow they are LONG AGAIN!

Depending on your preference, you can get the mittens that slip right on or the mittens you can tie at the wrist (so they don’t come off so easily) to prevent them from scratching themselves in the face or eyes.

21. Baby Hats

My daughter was born in late September, and we live in NY, so winter was around the corner, and it got pretty cold. So I kept a hat on her almost all the time to keep her warm. 

22. Double Zipper Pajamas

Trust me! This makes the newborn stage so much easier!! 

Especially if it’s a bit cold in the room, all you have to do is unzip the bottom half to change their diapers (instead of the whole pajamas!).

Also, Babies sleep so much in the newborn stage that you will barely dress them up. 

They will live in their PJ’s.

23.  Onesies

I ALWAYS put one under her PJ’s.

24. Diaper Changing Station

Yes, you can change your baby’s diaper on the bed and that works well. 

But, I found it easier to change my baby’s diaper on a changing table instead of having to bend over (hurting your lower back and possibly your legs will be burning! Mine were!) just to change diapers.

25. Diaper Caddy

38 Baby Things To Buy Before Birth!

I never liked the one that hung in front of the crib. I found them too bulky. 

With the diaper caddy I could tuck it under the changing table. I could take it around the house with me or downstairs to my daughter’s grandparents house. 

Made my life easier! 

26. Pampers Swaddlers

When I first was considering diapers, I wanted brands like Honest & Seven Generation because they keep it clean and simple.

However, they were not as absorbent as the Pampers Swaddlers!

You may not notice when they are newborns because you are changing diapers almost after every feed ( because they poop so much lol),

But trust me, when you are sleep deprived the last thing you want to worry about is a finally sleeping baby waking up because their clothes are wet with pee!

27. Baby Wipes

I really liked unscented water based wipes.

28. Wipe Warmer

If your baby is born in the winter and it gets cold in your house, I recommend a wipe warmer. 

Especially when your child has finally fallen asleep and you don’t want to wake them while changing their diaper with a COLD wipe!

29. Aquaphor and/or A&D Rash prevention Ointment 

These are the two Diaper creams I have used, they have worked well for my baby. Thankfully, she has never had a diaper rash. 

30. Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail

Must Get! 

So many of my family and friends who are moms told me it’s a waste of money, you won’t use it.

But they were wrong!

This is so useful because it can hold a lot of diapers, and it blocks odor!! Therefore, every time you open the diaper Genie the smell of accumulated dirty diapers wont smack you in the face! (it’s not a pretty smell). 

31. Backpack Diaper Bag

38 Baby Things To Buy Before Birth!

We chose this one from amazon, because it has so many pockets and it even has a zippered opening on the back of the backpack to get the things from the bottom of the bag. 

Instead of shoving your hands from the top of the bag to feel your way around to what you need. Or even worse, having to take everything out with only one free hand!

The most important part is that it’s a backpack and it keeps your hands free! We all know moms Thrive on MULTITASKING

32. Bassinet

MiClassic Bassinet

I wanted something comfortable for my baby.

Light weight to move around in my house.

Portable, that I am able to take it anywhere with me.

Budget friendly, because she will quickly grow out of this.

We picked the MiCLASSIC Bassinet, it met all my criterias and it Rocks side to side!

I really like this bassinet. 

Snoo Smart Sleeper

Now, I also know people who got the SNOO SMART SLEEPER and they love it! They say it truly helps their baby sleep longer throughout the night. I could have really used this!

Unfortunately, it was way out of my budget. And I did not know at the time that you have the option to rent the snoo. Therefore, if the SNOO is something you are looking into but can’t afford, maybe renting for a few months is more affordable for you.

**Go to SNOO website for renting option**

33. Blankets

Blankets are a must! I used them mostly in the car seat and stroller during the newborn stage.

34. DockATot 

38 Baby Things To Buy Before Birth!

My daughter loved this! 

We use it a lot. We also used it as a sleeper when she was a newborn. This helped her sleep longer! I guess she felt cozy and snuggled. 

Also, when my daughter was done feeding, she would spit up if we laid her down right away. So instead of laying her down flat, I would lay her on the this, and it helped. 

35. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System With SafeMax Car Seat

38 Baby Things To Buy Before Birth!

This stroller is fantastic. The price is excellent. The different positioning of the seat is ideal and helps as the child grows and wants to sit up to see everything, but then when they fall asleep, you can quickly turn it into a bassinet!

Also, the fact that I could attach the car seat to the stroller was a plus! (we used this feature a lot!) my daughter would fall asleep in the car; we would leave her in the car seat and attach it to the stroller or take her in the car seat inside the house. 

*some people complain about the wheels getting stuck on this stroller, if that’s the problem for you, you can ask to replace it. However, this hasn’t happened to me but just in case. 

36. Baby Carrier

I used this baby carrier because I didn’t trust myself using the ones you wrap around yourself and tie it. This one helps support you at the hip as your child grows and gets heavier. 

“Wearing” your baby helps your baby feel comforted and connected to you and at the same time you have your hands free to do other things.  

37. Baby Laundry Detergent

I use Puracy because my daughter has eczema and a lot of products make her itchy.

Puracy has ingredients that are simple, clean and don’t cause irritation to her skin.

38. Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is a great bonus if you have the space for it. The rocking chair helps soothe your baby when tired or even when feeding. 

The rocking motion also helps RELAX us, the parents which is a MUST when caring for a newborn!


I know it was long! If you made it through the whole thing, Thank you!

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I know it was long! If you made it through the whole thing, Thank you!

Let me know in the comments below which Baby item you look forward to buying!

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